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Neutrik is an international corporation based in Liechtenstein, primarily manufacturing connectors for use in concert sound systems and audio/video recording studios. Neutrik produces a range of products, including patch bays, speakON connectors, XLR-type connectors, BNC connectors, powerCON connectors, and special connectors for certain industrial applications. Neutrik is regarding as a market leader in the production of such professional entertainment connector products and is well known for designing innovative products and remaining one step ahead. Neutrik has registered 15 official trademarks: DIWA®, NEUTRIK, maxCON®, nanoCON®, silentPLUG®, neutriCON®, crystalCON®, opticalCON®, miniCON®, powerCON®, Profi®, etherCON®, rearTWIST®, speakON®, and XIRIUM®. Bernhard Weingartner founded Neutrik in 1975. It is a highly successful company with subsidiaries (referred to as the Neutrik Group) in the United States, Great Britain, Switzerland, France, Japan, Germany and China, and distributors in over 80 countries. Neutrik's corporate headquarters are situated in Schaan in the Principality of Liechtenstein; this is the location of the company's R&D, management, logistics, finance and manufacturing facilities. Distrelec supplies a wide range of Neutrik connectors, including coaxial connectors, circular connectors and audio/video/computer connectors.


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